Our Story

The Why

Kebaya Tea has been created to inspire you to take a few minutes' pause in your busy life for yourself, to honour YOU, one sip at a time. 

In the last few years after taking on many more different hats (mum and wife) in life, I've often wondered why women always put others first and themselves last! What happened to fitting your own oxygen mask first before helping others? In the past many years, I would often fall sick, feel overwhelmed and sometimes just depressed for no apparent reason.

Over time, I learnt that by not looking after myself and listening to my intuition and body, I was contributing to these ailments.

I spent the last many years healing my soul, my body and my mind through exercise, yoga, intention setting and creating small rituals for myself. All these helped me get who I am today. These days, I feel much lighter as I constantly remind myself to pay attention to my body and intuition and allow them to guide me.

Kebaya teas have been crafted to honour women throughout the world who appreciate the value of a moment. I welcome you to set a daily intention as part of your personal tea ritual when brewing Kebaya tea.

The Meaning of Kebaya

The word 'Kebaya' originated from a Persian word meaning "robe of honour". 

Kebaya on a personal level

The name 'Kebaya' pays homage to my Singaporean and Peranakan lineage. This name has been derived from the 'Nonya Kebaya' which is a traditional Peranakan outfit that is synonymous with South East Asia and my father's side of my family. Born in Singapore and having lived there til I was 20, I reminisce days of my childhood and I want my two boys to learn more about this side of their culture.

My Wish for You

I hope that by taking the time each day to honour yourself, our teas will help you make a difference in your lives in every positive way.

x Jessie
Creator, Chief Brewer & Multiple Hat Wearer (Wife, Mum, Daughter, Sister, Friend and Businesswoman)

About Kebaya Tea